How to get music equipment endorsements

Updated March 23, 2017

Music equipment can be very costly; however, there are several funding options available that allow musicians to get the equipment that they need without having to pay for it. Musicians can request sponsorship from top brand-named music companies such as Fender, Gibson and Ernie Ball. Here you will learn how to make a request to receive an endorsement from these companies to get the music equipment that you need for a successful band performance.

Submit a press kit. If you are an artist without a business manager or label A&R representation, you need to submit complete artist packages of your own. If you have a business manager or label A&R representation, they will send a press kit to the following companies.

Include the right materials for your press kit. Your press kit should include a complete artist package which contains your music, biography, video, press clippings, photos and a cover letter listing current music gear. You may also want to include an extensive touring regimen, and possible label/management support to be considered for equipment endorsement.

Send a press kit to the following music companies who will grant you an endorsement for music equipment. Once you have completed your press kit artist package, you will need to send it to the following company's address of your choice.

Things You'll Need

  • Press Kit
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