How to set up a wireless IP camera network

Updated March 23, 2017

Wireless IP cameras allow you to easily create a network of cameras to monitor your property without having to run Ethernet cables to all of the cameras. Many manufacturers produce wireless IP cameras, including D-Link, Linksys and Bosch. Your cameras will come with an installation CD that will guide your through the process of setting up the network once the cameras are installed on your property. With these types of cameras, you can keep an eye on your property over the Internet even when you are out of town.

Place the cameras in the areas you want to monitor. Cameras can be placed on any flat surfaces, or you may be able to mount them on the wall or ceiling, depending on your camera model. Plug each camera into an electrical socket. Refer to your manual for additional installation instructions.

Plug your wireless router in and turn it on. Connect it to your modem using an Ethernet cable. Optionally, you may want to set up a security key for your wireless network, such as WEP or WPA password.

Insert the installation CD that came with your cameras, one by one, into your computer's CD drive. Go through the install wizard to install the software for each camera on your computer. This software will be used to configure the wireless IP camera network.

Assign each camera an IP address on the network using the software installed for each camera. You can also create a login and password to restrict access to the cameras' video feeds over the Internet.


View your camera feeds by typing the IP address of any camera in the address bar of your Internet browser and clicking enter. You can do this from any location, as long as you have a broadband Internet connection. Refer to your manual or contact the manufacturer if you experience difficulties with installing the software or cameras.

Things You'll Need

  • Wireless IP cameras and software
  • Wireless router
  • Modem
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