How to Estimate Pressure Washing Costs

Updated November 21, 2016

Pressure washing quickly eliminates stains and mould on siding, concrete, metal and shingles. This improves the look of homes, vehicles and driveways for a fairly inexpensive cost. Depending on the size and complexity of the project, power washing costs vary from job to job.

Inspect the area you want pressure-washed. Walk around your home, boat or property and create a list of all areas needing washed. The more stained and mouldy spots, the more time it takes to clean. Looking at the extent of the project helps people decide if they want to tackle the job themselves over the weekend, or simply hire a contractor. Depending on the project, power-washing a house, roof, boat or driveway takes anywhere from a couple of hours to an entire day. As of July 2010, renting a power washer for the day generally costs between £26 and £48, according to the website Cost Helper.

Call a couple of local power-washing contractors and ask them how they charge. If they want to see your property before giving you a price, tell them you simply want to know if they charge per square foot, linear foot or if they quote a flat price per job. Each company has their own way of doing things. The particular cleaning job also dictates the charging method. For example, contractors power-washing a roof generally charge per square foot, but often charge per linear foot for houses.

Calculate your home’s square footage or size, and combine that with the way in which the contractors charge. For example, if one of the contractors you called charges 10 cents per square foot, and you have 1200 square feet worth of driveway, expect to pay £78. Compare that to a company that charges a flat driveway fee. The company charging 10 cents per square foot, for example, beats a company charging a flat £91 per driveway. As of July 2010, the national average price for power-washing a driveway runs between 8 and 15 cents per square foot, according to the website Pressure Net.


People who want to power-wash their homes each year, or those who power-wash their boats several times a year, find it beneficial to purchase their own power washer. As of July 2010, £45 to £130 buys a decent electric version, while £195 to £650 buys a higher-pressure gas washer.


Those wanting to power-wash their own equipment without the aid of a professional contractor should test a small area with the water pressure before power-washing the entire area. Sometimes high pressure water ruins wood, grout and siding.

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