Casio Scientific Calculator Instructions

Updated February 21, 2017

Casio manufactures electronic devices, including handheld scientific calculators. A Casio scientific calculator is designed for use in the sciences, including chemistry, biology, and physics. A scientific calculator is different from a regular calculator in many aspects, including the ability to calculate using scientific notation, logarithms, exponents, and fractions. There are a variety of different Casio scientific calculators, including the fx-82a and fx-115. Whichever calculator you choose, you should familiarise yourself with a few common functions you will need to master t0 be successful in a basic science class.

Familiarise yourself with the location of the different buttons on your calculator. Each calculator has buttons in a slightly different place. For example, the EXP button used for entering exponents, is left of the "equal" sign on the fx-82A and fx-115. On the fx-115/MS, the EXP key is located at the centre of the bottom row.

Try a calculation using the EXP key. The EXP key is used to enter an exponent. For example, instead of entering 1x10^6 on the Casio scientific calculator, enter EXP 6. Some models, like the fx-82a, require you to enter the leading 1, meaning that you would have to enter 1 EXP 6 to enter the expression.

Learn how to use logarithms on your calculator. An example of a logarithm is log sub 10. This means log sub 10 is the power of 10 of a given number. For example, the log sub 10 of 100 is 2. On some scientific calculators, like the Fx-115/MS, you have to press the LOG key before you enter the number. On other models such as the fx-82a, fx-115, and fx-450, you have to press the LOG key after entering the number.

Figure out how to change from degrees to radians on your calculator. Each calculator will differ. On the fx-450, you would press MODE and then 4 for degrees, and MODE then 5 for radians, On the fx-115/MS, press Shift, ANS (DRG), then 1 for degrees or 2 for radians.


If you don't have your user manual, Casio features online manuals on its support website. Click on the Casio link in resources, then click on the "Support" tab. Then click on "Manuals," and choose the tab for calculators.

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