How to Make GIFs Work on a Phone

Updated March 23, 2017

Graphics Information Format (GIF) files are image files that are viewable over the Internet and on most computer devices. However, many mobile phones and PDAs do not support the GIF format. One image format that is compatible with most mobile phones and devices is the JPEG (JPG). To make GIFs work on a phone, convert GIF files to JPG files using the Microsoft Paint application. The Microsoft Paint graphics editor is installed on all Windows-based operating systems and the program is easy to use.

Click “Start” and then click “All Programs.”

Click the folder labelled “Accessories.”

Click the link labelled “Paint.” The Paint application will open.

Click the “New” option from the top menu bar, and then select “Open.” A file selection dialogue box will open.

Navigate to and click on the GIF file to convert. Click the “Open” button. The GIF file will open in Paint.

Click the “File” option from the top menu bar.

Click “Save As…” and then click the “JPEG (.jpg. .jpeg, .jpe, .jfif)” option from the “Save As Type” drop-down list.

Type a name for the new JPG file and click the “Save” button. The GIF file is now converted to the JPG file type.

Connect the phone to the computer according to the device’s user manual.

Copy the JPG file to the phone device.

View the JPG image on the phone.

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