Dremel Tools for Hanging Doors

Written by jim wildman | 13/05/2017

A Dremel rotary tool is a very versatile tool. Its wide variety of accessories and cutting tips make it useful in completing a range of projects, such as hanging doors. The Dremel can be used for installing the door hinges, setting the strike plate and trimming off the wood shims.

Rotary Tool

The rotary tool is a variable-speed tool used to spin an accessory bit, and is the main component of the Dremel tool system.

Plunge Router Attachment

The plunge router attachment turns the Dremel rotary tool into a mini plunge router. It is used to support the rotary tool with a cutting bit to remove the material where the hinge will fit in the door jamb and door slab.

Accessory Bits

The straight router bit is used in the rotary tool to remove wood for the hinge to mount to the door assembly.

The cut-off wheel is a rotary bit that is used to cut off wood, steel or plastic.

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