How to Change the Spelling of a Name on a Birth Certificate

Updated February 21, 2017

If you have noticed that part of a name has been misspelled on your child's birth certificate, you can get it corrected. You can also make amendments to the spelling of a name on a birth certificate if you just want to change it. Usually there is a fee involved in making any type of amendment to a birth certificate. It is best to catch the misspelling and make the change as soon as possible because it can be a lengthy process with more documentation required the longer you wait.

Make a photocopy of the birth certificate. If you do not have the birth certificate, you can request a copy through your state's Department of Health.

Obtain an application to amend a birth certificate from your state Department of Health. Some states have this form available for download on their websites. Fill out the form with the change and the reason for the change.

Gather any supporting documentation that is required in your state. Typically, if the change is for a child under one year of age, then you do not need extra documentation. In some states, if the change is for a child between ages one and 12, you may need a baptismal certificate or adoption records. For changes when the person is over age 12, you may need court documents, such as an official name change form or adoption record. Other documentation that may be requested includes school records, hospital records, a social security number application, midwife statement or affidavit from the parents.

Submit the application along with the supporting documentation and amendment fee to your state Department of Health. The fee varies by state, with some states not charging if the child is under one year of age. Note that some states require the application to be notarised. If this is a requirement in your state, you will see it listed on the application.


You must be the parent or legal guardian to request an amendment for a child under 18.

Things You'll Need

  • Birth certificate copy
  • Supporting documents
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