How to Sell Video Cassettes

With the introduction of DVDs and Blue-ray, a lot of people are left with a collection of VHS videos that have been replaced on DVD. Although many people now buy DVDs or Blue-ray, it is still possible to sell your old VHS for a small profit. Special edition or films that have not been released on DVD will generate more of a profit.

Log on to Open an account. You will need to input your personal information and payment details. Set up a account to receive the payment.

Take photographs of the videos and upload them onto your computer.

Go to the "Sell" section of your eBay account. Choose the "Sell an item" option from the drop-down list.

List the videos one by one. Upload a photograph for each video and give a brief description. Research if the film is available on DVD--if it's not, then mention this in your posting. This may help to encourage a sale.

Take any remaining VHS tapes to a local car boot sale to sell at a minimal price. Provide any information you feel may will help the sale, such as if it's unavailable on DVD or a limited special edition.


Be clear about the quality of the item when selling. Include photos in your listing.


Do not sell pirate copies of films, as it is illegal.

Things You'll Need

  • Camera


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