How to Reset a Sentry Safe Combo

Updated February 21, 2017

Rochester, N.Y.-based Sentry Safe has been making security containers in the United States since the 1930s. Whether you have forgotten your safe combination, misplaced it or simply want to change the combination for security reasons, resetting a Sentry Safe combination takes just a few minutes of reprogramming, provided you have the original factory code.

Open the safe by typing the three-, four- or five-digit factory code or the user code you set into the keypad. If you cannot remember the code, call the Sentry Safe customer service number at 800-828-1438. If you registered your safe and have a username and password, you can retrieve the combination on the Sentry Safe website. If you have not registered, follow the instructions on the website to obtain a notarised form to confirm you own the safe and need a new combination.

Hold down the “PROG” key (program key) and, at the same time, enter the factory code two times in a row. This will delete your user code.

Press and release the “PROG” key, then immediately enter the factory code one time.

Enter a new three-, four- or five-digit code. You must choose the same number of digits as your former code. For example, if your former code was four digits, you must chose a four-digit code.

Write down your new user code and put it in a safe location.


You can download instruction manuals for all Sentry Safes on the company's website under Instruction Guides.

Things You'll Need

  • Factory code
  • Telephone
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