How to Make Your Own Nerf Gun Game

Written by patrick bryant
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How to Make Your Own Nerf Gun Game
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Nerf guns, made by Hasbro, have been around for quite a while. The toy guns shoot small foam darts that are usually tipped with a rubber suction cup. Sometimes however, the darts are tipped with strips of Velcro. Hasbro produces a variety of Nerf guns, ranging from single-action pistols to fully automatic machine guns. There are loads of different games that can be played using these toy guns, but the most common are target practice, dart tag and variations of war-combat games.

Skill level:

Things you need

  • Dry-erase marker(s)
  • Nerf gun(s)
  • Nerf darts

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  1. 1

    Draw circles of various point values on a window or mirror with a dry-erase marker for a target practice game--or get creative and draw different monsters to be demolished. Shoot the targets with the Nerf gun and tally the point values of the areas where the dart sticks (the one with the most points wins). This can be a single-player or multiplayer game.

  2. 2

    Decide who will be "it" for dart tag. The person who is "it" will count to 30 seconds while the others (who will not be allowed to shoot until "tagged") spread out in various directions.

    Shout "NERF TAG" after the 30 seconds are up if you are "it"--or yell "PANCAKES"--anything that serves to start the game is fine. Once the game begins, the person who is "it" will attempt to shoot the others with his Nerf gun. If shot, the player is eliminated, or you can have him take the place of or join the person who is "it" so that he is able to shoot and tag the others.

  3. 3

    Choose teams for variations of war-combat games--teams generally consist of even-numbers--and decide which kind of game you wish to play. Capture the flag and slayer are popular games.

    Move with your team to your predesignated base to begin capture the flag or slayer. If you are playing capture the flag, you should hide an object somewhere in your base that you and the other team have agreed on as the "flag" and that the other team will look for.

    Arm yourself with as many Nerf guns as desired and begin to storm the opposing team's base. Look for the other team's hidden flag if you are playing capture the flag. If you are playing slayer, your only goal is to eliminate all of the other team's members by shooting them with your Nerf gun.

    Bring the opposing team's flag back to your base--successfully doing so results in a win. If you are shot by an opposing team member, freeze wherever they tell you to for 30 seconds, then resume play. If you are holding the flag when shot, drop the flag, then freeze. If your team's flag has been dropped by the opposing team and you can reach it before they regain it, you gain "immunity" from being shot and may return to your base to hide it in a new position without worry of being frozen.

  4. 4

    Get creative. To make your own games, talk to your friends, brainstorm and come up with interesting ways to tweak the rules for each of these games. Be sure to discuss the following key elements of Nerf gun games:

    --Do you want to have teams? If so, how many teams and of what size? --Do teams need a base? --Do you want players to be eliminated from the game? If so, how will they be eliminated? --Do you want to make side-switches (players moving from one team to another) possible? --Does accuracy matter to you? (Does it matter where on the body you shoot a player, or does it matter only that you shoot him?)

Tips and warnings

  • You can alter the rules of the "dart tag" game to make a "zombie" game--just say that everyone who has been tagged becomes and remains "it," or a "zombie" until only one person is left.
  • You can have a "slayer" game become a "team domination" game by saying that, if tagged, a player must join the team that she was tagged by--and when everyone is on the same team, the game is over.
  • Apply the same elimination rules to war-combat games as are used in dart tag games.
  • Team bases can be large or small areas and can be close to or far apart from each other.
  • Do not aim or shoot Nerf guns at your eyes or at the eyes of others.

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