How to Mount a Helmet Cam

Updated April 17, 2017

Helmet cameras, or action cameras, are small, high-tech cameras that attach to your helmet to record a live-action video from the view of the athlete. They are most often used in extreme sports such as skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking and skateboarding. Helmet cams let spectators view the action from the rider's perspective. Many helmet cams are easily attached and removed, using Velcro to hold them in place.

Purchase a strong industrial 50mm-width Velcro with adhesive on one side. These can usually be found at your local hardware store. They can also be found at online helmet camera stores.

Cut a 4-inch long, soft-sided piece of the 50mm Velcro. Attach the Velcro to the left side or top of your helmet, laying the adhesive side down. Press the Velcro with your hand to make sure it is secure to the helmet.

Lay the helmet camera on or against the soft sided Velcro strap on your helmet. Position the lens of the camera facing forward.

Cut a 4-inch long strip of the rough sided Velcro. Attach the rough side of the Velcro face down and on top of the camera, latching it to your helmet. Press down on both on both sides of the strap to secure the Velcro together, holding the camera in place.

Provide power to the camera. Attach the power cable from back of the helmet camera to the battery pack. The cable will click into place to indicate that it is secure.

Turn the camera on from the battery pack to make sure the camera is receiving power and is functional.


The camera can be easily removed and positioned to face any direction. This provides many different camera angles.

Things You'll Need

  • 50mm width Velcro
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