How to Donate Books and Arrange for Pick-Up

Updated April 17, 2017

Donating books to charity is a simple process, and many organisations actively seek such donations. What can sometimes be tricky is actually getting the books to the charity’s location. Some charities will arrange a pickup, but it depends on where you are and whether the charity is accepting books at the time.

Check in your local area for thrift stores and charity shops, such as the Salvation Army. Call the local thrift store to inquire whether it is accepting book donations and whether you can arrange a free pickup. Often the Salvation Army will organise a day for a mass pickup in one area; it will send out flyers or call to notify neighbours to place their donations outside.

Advertise on or Both sites are known for being havens of free goods. Advertise your free books, and if someone is interested, he or she will send an e-mail to request the goods. It is usually that person’s duty to pick up the goods, and to arrange a time to collect them.

Visit to find charities in your area that are looking for book donations for charitable projects that give books to schools, natural-disaster victims and prison inmates.

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