How to Disassemble a Dyson Animal

Updated November 21, 2016

A maintenance-friendly design, the Dyson Animal upright vacuum can be disassembled at home for cleaning and regular maintenance. Cleaning and maintaining the vacuum periodically helps optimise performance and prolong the life of individual parts. When disassembling the Dyson Animal, check for clogs and tears in the hose. Remove any debris, such as string and animal hair, which has become entwined around the brush roll. If filters are dirty, wash them with soap and water, and let them dry fully. Before beginning any work on the vacuum, first unplug it from the wall.

Press the wand release button, just above the on/off switch, and release the wand from the vacuum.

Grasp the end of the metal wand, inside the handle, and pull it out until it clicks in place. Press the wand release button again, and pull the wand free of the handle.

Squeeze the two hose buttons near the top of the hose, and pull the hose free of the wand handle.

Press the U-bend release button, below the base of the hose. Separate the U-bend from the vacuum.

Press the tab behind the base of the hose, and separate the base of the hose and lower hose guide.

Squeeze the two valve release buttons just behind the brush bar control knob. Remove the airway inspection valve.

Press the cyclone release button at the top of the cyclone handle. Lift the cyclone and canister from the Dyson Animal. The filter is located beneath the lid at the top of the cyclone.

Lay the Dyson Animal on its backside to gain access to the underside.

Use a coin or flat blade screwdriver to loosen each of the soleplate fasteners. Simply turn each one to the left. The soleplate protects the brush bar on the underside of the vacuum.

Life the soleplate away from the base of the vacuum.

Rotate the brush bar end tabs away from the vacuum. Lift the ends of the brush bar free and separate the brush bar from the brush bar belt.

Things You'll Need

  • Coin (or flat blade screwdriver)
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