How to play happy birthday on piano

Written by charlotte johnson
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How to play happy birthday on piano
Play "Happy Birthday" on the piano at the next birthday party you go to. (Piano image by Guillaume BAUDRY from

The song "Happy Birthday" is one of the most recognisable melodies around. The song was based on a similar music piece known as "Good Morning to All," which was written in the late nineteenth century by sisters Mildred and Patty Hill. You don't have to be a trained pianist to play the song "Happy Birthday": simply learn the notes involved. Once you practice these notes, you'll be able to accompany family and friends whenever a birthday occasion arises.

Skill level:


  1. 1

    Place the thumb of your right hand on middle C. Middle C is a white key near the centre of the piano. You can find it by looking at the black keys. They are found in groups of two and three across the keyboard. Middle C is to the left of a set of two black keys in the centre of the instrument.

  2. 2

    Play middle C twice for the word "Happy."

  3. 3

    Play D for the first part of the word "birthday." D is the white note to the right of C. Play middle C again for the second syllable of the word "birthday."

  4. 4

    Play an F and then an E for "to you." F is two keys to the right of D, and E is the key between D and F.

  5. 5

    Play C--C--D--C for the second "Happy birthday."

  6. 6

    Play a G and an F for "to you" this time. G is the white key on the right of the F note.

  7. 7

    Play middle C twice for the third "Happy."

  8. 8

    Play a high C and then an A for the third "birthday." High C is the white key on the left of the next set of two black keys. It is seven keys to the right of middle C. A is the next white key to the right of G.

  9. 9

    Play an F, followed by an E and a D for "dear _ __."

  10. 10

    Play B-flat twice for the final "Happy." B-flat is the first black key to the left of high C.

  11. 11

    Play A--F--G--F for the final "birthday to you."

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