How to Repair the Xbox 360 Discs With Brasso

Updated March 17, 2017

Excessive wear and tear or mishandling can cause your Xbox 360 games to become scratched and unplayable. If you find that your games skip during play or cannot be read by your Xbox 360, you will need to repair the disc. This can be done using a polish known as Brasso. Using Brasso will gently remove the top layer from your game disc, taking many scratches along with it. Before you throw out a scratched Xbox 360 disc, attempt to repair the disc first.

Remove the scratched disc from your Xbox 360 and place on a clean surface.

Wipe the surface of the disc with a dry, soft cloth. This will remove any dust or dirt from the disc.

Pour two to three drops of Brasso on a dry, soft cloth.

Place the cloth on the centre of the scratched side of your Xbox 360 disc. Wipe gently out to the edge of the disc. Return the cloth to the centre and wipe outwards again.

Move in a counter-clockwise direction around the disc, starting from the centre and wiping in a straight line out to the edge.

Take a dry, soft cloth and wipe over the disc, removing all excess Brasso left on the disc.

Check the disc for leftover scratches. Repeat the Brasso process once more to ensure all scratches have been removed.

Test your Xbox 360 game disc in your console. If it still does not work, the disc may be beyond repair.


Do not wipe in a circular motion around the disc when using Brasso. This can cause more damage. Always wipe in a straight line from the centre to the edge of the disc.

Things You'll Need

  • Brasso
  • 3 soft clothes
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