How to Replace the Belt on a Bissell 8910 Carpet Cleaner

Updated April 17, 2017

The Bissell 8910 is an upright carpet cleaner and part of Bissell's ProHeat series. It can clean carpets, bare floors, and upholstery using hot water to lift deep dirt and stains. Over time, parts such as belts may need to be replaced, especially with frequent use. If you experience reduced or no spray when using your Bissell 8910, or if the power brush stops turning, your brush or pump belt may be broken. You'll need to remove the damaged belt before installing a new one. Replacement belts are available directly from Bissell.

Power the Bissell 8910 off and ensure it is unplugged from your wall outlet. Recline the handle and rest it against the floor by pressing in the release pedal with your foot.

Remove the Tank-in-Tank by lifting it up with the attached handle. Remove the Smart Mix tank by lifting it up and out of the base.

Locate the belt access door, located near the tools switch. Remove the door by inserting your flat head screwdriver into the slot nearest the handle and prying gently until it releases.

Gently turn your Bissell 8910 on its side so the belt access compartment is facing upward.

Locate the red retainer plate on the bottom of your machine. It is near the belt access area. Use your Phillips screwdriver to remove the screw that holds the plate in place. Set the plate and screw aside.

Remove the black brush arm that was located beneath the retainer plate. The red retainer plate holds the arm in place, so it will lift out easily with the plate removed. Set the arm aside.

Remove the brush belt from the brush, then release it from the red pump pulley. Removing the brush will also result in the brush being removed. Set the brush aside. If the toothed brush belt is the belt that you wish to replace, proceed to the next section, "Installing Replacement Belts." Otherwise, continue to the next step.

Remove the pump belt by releasing one end from the red pump pulley and the other end from the silver motor shaft.

Allow the machine to remain on its side. If you removed the pump belt as described in Step 8 above, loop one end of your replacement pump belt around the red pump pulley. Loop the other end around the silver motor shaft. Avoid twisting the belt.

Loop one end of the replacement toothed brush belt around the red pump pulley, then attach the other end to the toothed end of the brush.

Push the brush back into the unit to reinstall it. Place the brush arm on the brush and slide it into the base of the Bissell, returning it to its original position.

Replace the red retainer plate to cover the brush arm, and use your Phillips screwdriver to replace the screw that holds it in place.

Test the replacement belt assembly by using your finger to spin the pump belt on the silver motor shaft. The belt and brush should rotate freely when the motor shaft is turned.

Turn the Bissell 8910 right side up and replace the tanks. The Tank-in-Tank will lower into the machine base. Rotate the Tank-in-Tank handle to the latched position. Replace the Smart Mix tank by lowering it into the base.

Push the belt access door back into place. Return the handle to the upright position.

Things You'll Need

  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Replacement belt
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