How to display bathroom towels

Updated March 23, 2017

Bathroom towels aren't just functional -- they can also enhance the beauty and decor of your bathroom. Instead of hanging up pictures or artwork in the bathroom, hang towels decoratively as wall art. Save room in your airing cupboard by displaying towels on bathroom shelves and other places in your bathroom.

Choose a bathroom towel colour theme to match the rest of your bathroom decor. Choose one or two solid towel colours as a base and then buy a few patterned towels as an accent. You can also choose a colour theme using a towel set you already own and then supplement by getting additional towels in complementary colours.

Install towel hooks and rods in logical locations such as next to the sink, vanity unit or bath. In addition, install hooks and rods above blemished areas such as cracked or discoloured tiles.

Hang single towels from towel hooks. Create a decorative look with towel hooks by hanging several hooks next to each other at different heights.

Layer towels on towel rods with bath towels on the bottom, hand towels in the middle and face towels on top. Enhance the beauty by laying top towels at an angle or by choosing bath towels with a decorative edge that matches the colour of the top towels.

Hang towels over the edge of the bath. Hang a single bath towel or layer several towels.

Roll towels and stack them in a decorative bowl, basket or tray at the edge of the bathroom vanity unit. Stack towels flat on to a square or rectangular basket or tray. Rest towels against the sides for round bowls or basket. Add a final touch by throwing a few artificial flowers on top of the display.

Fill up an empty corner with a set of shelves. Roll towels and fill each shelf with towels of a different colour or size. Alternatively, place a basket filled with towels on top of a small bench or end table.

Store towels that look worn out or do not match your colour theme inside a closed cabinet where you can access the towels easily but keep them out of sight.

Hang a towel rod on the back of the door to keep towels hidden and out of the way.


Install an extra towel hook or rod to dry wet towels.

Leave a small laundry basket in the bathroom for dirty towels.

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