How to Sell Old Watches

Updated March 23, 2017

If you are looking to make some extra money, you may want to look around your house to see if you have any watches to sell. Both collectors and fashionistas love antique watches, and high quality ones can be worth a great deal of money. If you have old watches you would like to sell, don't just post them on eBay and hope for the best. Do some preparation to get more money for your items.

Find a jewellery appraiser. A qualified appraiser can help you accurately price your watches. To find an appraiser, search the American Gem Society website or similar site. These jewellers must go through a rigorous process in order to become members, so you know they are highly qualified and can be trusted with your watches. When you meet the appraiser, bring your watches and write down all important information that the appraiser gives you. Buyers will often pay more for watches with an interesting history.

Clean and repair valuable watches. While you are bound to find some watches that are not very valuable and not worth repairing, put money into getting your more expensive watches professionally cleaned and fixed up. Buyers are more likely to buy a clean watch in good working order over a similar watch that is dirty. Your local jeweller can clean and repair these items.

Decide where you want to sell your watches. eBay is a popular website for selling items. However, it is large and your watches may not stand out among the thousands of other items. A local jewellery shop might be willing to buy them from you to resell them. If you go this route, visit several jewellery shops to find which one will give you the most money. You could also contact a local auction house to see whether they'd be willing to sell them for you. If approaching an auction house or jewellery shop, provide all information from your jewellery appraiser.

Sell cheaper watches at a yard/car boot sale. If some of the watches you had appraised are either not worth much or too damaged to sell at a good price, it might be easier to sell them at a yard/car boot sale. This is an easy method to sell cheap items quickly.


When looking for a jewellery appraiser, beware of ads online or in the phone book. Often people will claim to be jewellery appraisers without certification. Look for a certified appraiser by going through an organisation such as the American Gem Society or equivalent.

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