How to Hook a PS3 to a DVD VCR Player

Written by greyson ferguson | 13/05/2017
How to Hook a PS3 to a DVD VCR Player
Connect your audio/video devices to a television with RCA cables. (three rca connectors on white background image by JoLin from

The Sony PlayStation 3 is a high definition, next generation gaming system that typically connects to HD televisions through a component cable or HDMI cable connection. However, if you have a standard definition television with a single RCA audio/video cable connection, it's possible to hook up the PS3 to the TV through this port, even if you must run it through an already connected DVD/VCR combo player.

Insert the RCA audio/video cables into the standard definition "Out" port on the rear of the Sony PlayStation 3.

Plug the opposite ends of the RCA cables into the "Video In" ports on the back of the DVD/VCR combo player.

Connect the second set of RCA audio/video cables into the "Video Out" ports on the DVD/VCR combo player. Plug the opposite end of the cables into the "Video In" ports on the television.

Power on the television, DVD/VCR combo player and the Sony PlayStation 3. Press "Video" on the TV, then set the DVD/VCR combo to play from the VCR connection. With the PS3 turned on, the video game content appears on the television screen by running through the DVD/VCR connection. As soon as you insert a VHS tape into the VCR, the connection is cut off and the VHS tape content appears.

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