How to Make Slash-Neck T-shirts

Updated April 17, 2017

Slash-neck T-shirts look good with almost anything and can be made in virtually any fabric. You can add accessories such as sequins, appliques or even photos. They are inexpensive to make and a useful addition to your wardrobe.

Place one piece of fabric on top of the other, both inside out. Pin them together at the sides, leaving a 6-inch gap toward the top. This creates the arm holes. Pin across the top 3 inches of either side, leaving a gap in the middle that will be the slash neck and creating the shoulder seam.

Sew up the sides and top. Fold over the slash neckline on both sides, pin and sew.

Fold over the bottom of the T-shirt all around for the hem. Pin and sew.

Turn the T-shirt the right way and put it on. Add accessories if required. If you would like it to be more shapely, take in the sides around the waist an inch on either side by starting a few inches from the bottom and curving your sewing out and back in around the waist area.

Add ties that you can use to pull in the T- shirt at the back to give it more shape. Sew two thin pieces of fabric together around all sides except the top which you need to leave open to allow for turning the tie inside out. Do this twice. Add in the belt ties before you sew up the sides by pinning in place and then sewing over them as you sew the seams. The ties need to be placed inside the T- shirt when you are sewing so they are on the outside when you turn the T-shirt the right way.


Depending on your size you may need to use more or less fabric.


Try the T-shirt on before you sew it up.

Things You'll Need

  • Sewing machine
  • 2 pieces of fabric (2-foot square)
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Pins
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