How to Fix an Aiwa CD Player That Won't Play

Updated February 21, 2017

So you put your favourite CD into your Aiwa CD player, press "Play" and ... nothing. The CD player doesn't play. Don't despair; the problem could be easy to fix and save you purchasing a brand new stereo. Taking a few minutes to examine the CD player and try a few fixes should have you rocking out again in no time.

Try the simple things first; don't waste money sending your CD player away for repair only to find it wasn't switched on. Try a variety of different CDs in the player. Sometimes CDs burnt by a computer can cause problems in home stereos. Put several store-bought CDs in the player to see if any work. If the CD player won't turn on, check that it is plugged in properly and look to see if there is an additional power switch on the back of the player. Sometimes there is a master power switch on the back and a standby button on the front. Try both switches.

Buy a CD lens cleaner. These specially adapted CDs have brushes on the reading surface of the disc that can remove dust or other debris from the lens of the player. Dirty lenses can prevent the CD player from reading the disc properly and cause playback issues. Many lens cleaners are suitable for both CD and DVD players. Try repeating the cleaning cycle several times before moving on.

Purchase a can of compressed air. Blow the contents into the CD player through an available opening. The blast of compressed air can dislodge any dust that may have built up inside the machine after several months of use. A build-up of dust can cause electronics to malfunction or overheat.

Check speaker connections. Sometimes it can seem like a CD player isn't working when in fact the speakers are not attached properly. Remove and reinsert the speaker wire; in the case of car stereos you may need to pull the CD deck from the dashboard to access these wires.

Admit defeat, call a professional or scrap the CD player. If none of the steps work or identify an issue, consider calling an electrician or replacing the stereo. Before hiring a repairman, ask for an estimate on any repairs. If the cost outweighs the value of the system, it may be better value to treat yourself to a new sound system.

Things You'll Need

  • Torch
  • Store-bought CD
  • CD lens cleaner
  • Can of compressed air
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