How to Convert NVC to WMV

Updated July 19, 2017

NVC is a file extension that is used for projects that are created in the NeroVision Express program. The video editing utility is a component of the Nero Multimedia Suite, a line of DVD authoring products. While the program can be used to publish media onto DVD, NeroVision Express is also capable of generating digitally compressed video. The application’s built-in export functionality makes it possible to convert an NVC file into a WMV file.

Open your NVC file in the NeroVision Express program.

Hit the “Export Movie” button in the program welcome screen.

Open the “Select an export template” drop-down menu and choose the “Custom” option. Hit the “Configure” button and the “Export Settings Configuration” screen will appear. Program the video to export as a WMV file and hit the “OK” button.

Locate the “Output file” field at the bottom of the program screen and hit the “…” button. A “Save as” dialogue window will appear. Target the saving destination for the exported WMV file and hit the “OK” button.

Hit the “Export” button to create the WMV file. The export progress will be tracked with a status bar. Once it reaches 100 per cent, a dialogue box will confirm that the file has been successfully exported. The newly created WMV file will accessible from its targeted saving destination.


Users can also export “Nero Digital” videos from NVC files. The program’s custom video format is based on MPEG-4 compression. These MP4 movies can be converted into other digital video formats (like WMV) using Nero Recode or third-party file conversion tools. The Nero Multimedia Suite is composed of licensed software. The program package can be purchased through the software developer’s website. (See Resources.) But consumers also have the option to use the applications for free during a limited 2-week trial period. WMV is an acronym for Windows Media Video. The digital video compression format is owned and regulated by Microsoft. As a proprietary Microsoft format, the file type is compatible with most of the applications in the Windows software suite. WMV files can be previewed in Windows Media Player. They can also by edited in Windows Movie Maker, or used to author DVDs in Windows DVD Maker.

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