How to Remove Scuffs From Desert Boots

Updated February 21, 2017

Desert Boots manufactures suede shoes for men. Although these shoes are not recommended to be worn in the desert (as the sand and dust easily clings to the suede) the shoes are modelled after cowboy boots. If your Desert Boots are showing a little wear and tear with scuffs around the edging of the suede shoes you need to clean the shoes gently to avoid damaging the shoes.

Remove the Desert Boots from your feet. It is far easier to clean the shoes with them off than while wearing them.

Rub the suede cleaning brush over the scuff marks on the Desert Boots. Push down gently on the brush while rubbing back and forth over the shoe. Applying too much pressure results in tearing at or wearing down the suede material.

Buff the rubber sole of the Desert Boots with the rubber cleaning stone. This smooths out the rubber and cleans off the scuffs on the sole of the shoes.

Run the rubber cleaning stone over the suede if the suede cleaning brush isn't effective. The stone often works well at cleaning scuffs, also. It should be used with care on the suede surface, however.

Things You'll Need

  • Suede brush
  • Rubber cleaning stone
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