How to Replace the Remote Key for a Lexus RX 300

Replacing a remote key for a luxury vehicle such as a Lexus RX 300 can be expensive. Each key contains a computer chip that must be programmed by Lexus to the specific vehicle. Although the key will open the RX 300’s doors, the chip must be programmed in order to start the car. A new remote key can be purchased from any Lexus dealer’s service department.

Locate the nearest Lexus dealership. If you are unsure of the closest dealership, visit Lexus’ website and enter your zip code in the box located on the top right labelled “Find a Dealer" (see References).

Go to the dealership’s service department. Tell the dealership representative that you would like to purchase a new remote key for your Lexus RX 300. As of June 2010, the price of a remote key was £126 and the cost to program the key was £40.

Provide the dealership representative with the your driver's license and your vehicle registration. It is not necessary to physically bring the vehicle to the dealership, as he will be able to locate the vehicle codes using these two items. Once you have paid for the key and to have the key programmed, the dealership representative will cut and program the key, which should take less than 20 minutes.

Things You'll Need

  • Vehicle registration
  • Driver’s license


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