How to Use a Galanz Microwave Oven

Updated February 21, 2017

Microwave cooking is typically fast and convenient. When you bring your Galanz microwave home, remove all the packing material before use. Read the user's manual carefully for safety precautions. For example, when handling hot food containers, wear a potholder to prevent burns. Keep the microwave clean of spills and splatters to prevent bacteria from building up.

Check the glass turnplate on your Galanz microwave to ensure it rests properly on the rotating device. If it is not resting properly, adjust it until it slides in place. This helps ensure that liquids do not spill.

Place only items inside the microwave oven that are ceramic, hard plastic or heat-resistant glass. Never allow metal items inside the microwave oven; this includes items that are edged or tipped with aluminium or other metal. Never place items covered in aluminium foil in the Galanz; remove the foil first.

Cook frozen items with a freshness seal by allowing the steam to escape. Galanz recommends lifting up a corner of the seal to create a small hole.

Pierce certain food items to allow for heat expansion. For example, potatoes and sausages should never be cooked without having several holes poked in them first. When cooking eggs, break the shells first. Otherwise, your food may explode when it expands.

Avoid exceeding the maximum weight limit of the Galanz glass turnplate. According to Galanz, the glass turnplate is not capable of withstanding more than 5kg.

Allow steam to escape the microwave oven after use. Leave the door propped open until the interior of the oven has cooled.

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