How to Use VLC to Make a PS3 Video

Updated April 17, 2017

The PS3 functions as a wonderful centrepiece to your home entertainment system. Users can watch hours of video on the PS3, from a variety of sources. However, getting video to play on the PS3 can prove to be a bit of a stumbling block. One quick solution is to convert your video to one of the PS3's supported files using VLC. VLC can convert just about any video to a wide variety of formats, and it was designed to help make issues of file compatibility a thing of the past. You will convert your video using the popular H.264 codec, saving space and ensuring that your video will play on a wide variety of platforms.

Open VLC and navigate to the "Streaming/Transcoding Wizard" in the "File" menu. Choose "Transcode/Save to file" and then click on "Choose" to locate the video file you wish to play on your PS3.

Load your video and select "Transcode video." Choose the "H.264" option as the codec and make sure the bitrate is more than 1024 kb/s for optimal video quality. Choose "MPEG 4 audio" for the audio option and set the bitrate to more than 192 kb/s.

Use "MPEG 4" as the "encapsulation format" (the file format that the video is stored as) and click "Finish" to start transcoding your video.

Transfer your video to a hard drive or thumb drive to move the file onto your PS3. Once on the hard drive, the video will be set to play.

Things You'll Need

  • PS3
  • VLC software
  • Storage device
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