How men can keep from having sagging breasts

Updated February 21, 2017

Known in common parlance as man boobs or moobs, the medical term for sagging, female-like breasts in men is gynaecomastia. Many boys experience it in adolescence when their bodies produce too much oestrogen. Adult men can also develop gynaecomastia, a condition that can be socially and psychologically damaging. Men can avoid sagging, effeminate breasts by maintaining a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and by regulating their oestrogen intake.

Exercise regularly. Include weight-bearing chest exercises in your regimen. Exercise to loose weight and maintain an overall healthy lifestyle. You'll also balance your hormones since gynaecomastia happens when the body produces too much oestrogen and not enough testosterone.

Never take steroids. Anabolic steroids cause enlarged male breasts. Steer clear of them at all times because they can make saggy breasts a permanent problem. Get buff by exercising regularly.

Limit your intake of oestrogen-rich foods and drinks. Sorry, guys, this means beer The hops and barley in beer are high in oestrogen. Other oestrogen-rich foods include dairy, eggs, soy products and wheat. Eat organically raised meat, since non-organically raised animals are often treated with hormones, including oestrogen.

Eat more oestrogen-inhibiting foods, like broccoli, buckwheat, melons and citrus. According to Holistic Online, pineapple, green beans and cabbage also fall into this category.

Use glass drinking bottles. Avoid avoid all plastic packaged food and drinks where possible. Plastic containers can leach oestrogen into what you eat or drink.

Check the side effects of the medications you take. Some meds contain hormones that can lead to sagging breasts. Talk to your physician about underlying illnesses that can trigger sagging breasts. These can include as cystic fibrosis, hypogonadism or Klinefelter syndrome.


Use breast-reduction surgery as a last resort. It's expensive and is not always successful, especially if you don't deal with the underlying causes of gynaecomastia before surgery. Sagging male breasts are sometimes simply due to advancing age.

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