The Best Method for Removing a Stopper From a Glass Perfume Bottle

Updated February 21, 2017

Older or expensive perfumes often come in beautiful glass bottles capped off with a glass stopper. When they haven't been opened in a while, it can become difficult to remove these stoppers. The glass stopper expands to fit the shape of the hole in the bottle neck exactly or becomes clogged with gunk that's formed from the perfume that's been left sitting. You should always take care when removing a glass stopper from a perfume bottle, because moving it too quickly or using too much pressure can break the bottle or spray perfume everywhere.

Insert the sewing needles into the neck of the perfume bottle. They should be pointing down, creating a space between the neck of the bottle and the stopper.

Remove the needles and then replace them at different points between the stopper and the bottle neck. You're trying to create a break in the seal that is preventing the stopper from being removed.

Use a paintbrush to transfer vegetable oil from its container onto the needles. Use only a tiny bit at a time. You just want to introduce some lubrication between the stuck lid and the neck of the bottle.

Place your lid remover pad in the palm of your hand and grip the stopper. The lid remover should be against the stopper.

Wiggle the stopper back and forth until you feel it start to give.

Twist very gently to remove the stopper from the bottle. If it won't come out gently, dribble more oil down the needles.


You can try running the bottle under warm water to remove the stopper. Remember that the bottle will be slippery when you're done. Don't let the water be too hot; this may cause the glass to break.


Use care when removing a stopper. If it breaks, broken glass can puncture your skin.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 sewing needles
  • Paintbrush
  • Vegetable oil
  • Lid remover pad
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