How to Become a Sports Agent in the UK

Updated March 23, 2017

As a sports agent in the U.K., your job is to handle everything that distracts your client--the player--from his sports. Some responsibilities include dealing with contracts, making travel arrangements, managing media relations, overseeing operations such as equipment deals and many more. Becoming a sports agent isn't the most difficult thing in the world as there are no special requirements, except that you must have a lot of interest in the field of sports that you're choosing.

Decide if you want to enrol in a diploma or a degree program for learning the various aspects of being a sports agent. There aren't any particular educational requirements but since you're taking up sports as a career, you might as well study it to get a better perspective of the many things you will come across in your job.

Two universities that you can consider are University of Central Lancashire and Sheffield Hallam University. The former offer sports management program while the latter offers programs in exercise science, physical education and youth sport, sport and exercise science, sport and leisure management, and sport development with coaching.

Make sure you know your "game." In order to become a sports agent, you have to first figure out what particular sport you would like to represent.

Find an internship program at a sports management company, such as Sports First, IMG World Sports or Sports Management Worldwide. Most people seeking to become sports agents start off from entry-level positions at any sports company. In order to get an internship, you will have to send your resume to the HR department of the company along with a letter requesting an internship opportunity.

Find out about the registration process for becoming an agent of the particular sport that you have selected. If you're going through the internship route, the company will guide you through the whole procedure, but in any case, you must know how the registration process will go.

Let us say you're going to be a football agent. First, you have to go to the Football Association's website (see Resources), click on "Rules and Regulations," then "Players' agents." There, you will find an application form, which you have to complete, and you will be asked to take an exam. The exam will test your knowledge of rules of the Football Association. Marking takes place right after the exam so you will immediately find out whether you have passed or failed.

Get a proof from the local police station that you do not have a criminal record. You will need this proof right after you pass the exam. According to BBC News, your local police station is "obliged to provide such verification under the 'subject access" section of the Data Protection Act."

Get professional indemnity insurance cover for yourself. This will cover you against all claims of compensation from another agent, club or the player if you break any sports management regulations.

Sign the code of conduct with the sports company that you're working with. After you sign this code, you will get your license.

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