How to Recondition a Roomba Battery

Updated February 21, 2017

The iRobot Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner is powered by a rechargeable battery. The battery can last through hundreds of uses before it needs replacing. Reconditioning is one way to extend battery life. In fact, iRobot builds in an automatic 16-hour refreshing, conditioning charge cycle into its product. If that is not enough, you also could manually recondition the Roomba’s battery for extra maintenance.

Charge Roomba’s battery overnight the first time you use it. Plug the charger into the household power outlet and in the Roomba battery charger jack.

Allow the Roomba to perform its 16-hour charge cycle, if the battery has been left off the charger for an extended period. The rapid amber light indicates the Roomba is going through this special charge.

Perform a manual reconditioning every few months. Remove the battery and hold down the power button on the Roomba for five seconds. This resets the Roomba. If your Roomba only has one button, hold it down.

Reinstall the battery and charge it until the power light turns green. Run the Roomba until the battery fully discharges. The Roomba will play a four-tone dead battery "song." This may take several clean cycles. Do not dock the Roomba between cycles.

Recharge the battery as soon as possible after Step 4. The battery will be reconditioned.


The battery condition indicators are solid red, which indicates empty battery; pulsing amber indicates charging; solid green indicates that the Roomba is fully charged and a rapid amber pulse indicates that the 16-hour refresh charge is taking place.

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