How Do You Remove Emulsion Paint Off Walls?

Updated February 21, 2017

Emulsion paint is more commonly referred to as latex or acrylic paint. It is a water based wall paint that is durable, washable and easy to maintain. Emulsion paint can be removed using paint remover. Paint remover is a mix of chemicals that strip paint from a wall. The chemicals in paint remover are harsh and can cause skin and eye irritation, skin burns and vapours that shouldn't be breathed in for long periods of time.

Prepare the room for paint removal. Open all windows to fully vent the room. Remove as many items from the room as possible. Lay a drop cloth on the floor and over any furniture or items that cannot be removed from the room.

Apply paint remover to the wall. Dip a paintbrush in the paint remover, and paint the wall using long strokes. Work from the top of the wall to the bottom. Continue until all walls have been covered in paint remover.

Following the instructions for the brand of paint remover you are using, allow the remover to work into the paint. Typically, it takes 30 to 60 minutes.

Hold a scraper blade flat against the wall. Scrape it downward to lift the layers of paint. Pull the paint off in a strip, if you are able to do so. If unable to do so, continue scraping downward to remove the strip of paint. Continue this process until the paint has been removed.

Dip steel wool in a small amount of paint thinner. Gently wipe on the wall to remove any leftover paint that was not removed from scraping.

Fill a bucket with warm water. Place a sponge in the warm water and wipe down the walls to remove any paint remover residue. Rinse the walls thoroughly.

Things You'll Need

  • Drop cloth
  • Paint remover
  • Scrapper Blade
  • Steel wool
  • Bucket
  • Sponge
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