How to meet Brazilian girls

Updated February 21, 2017

Given the skimpy bikinis you'll find at the beaches in Brazil, you may think that Brazilian girls are easy to pick up. This isn't always the case. While your approach may be somewhat endearing to a Brazilian girl, there are plenty of girls that won't be interested. If you want to meet Brazilian girls, you have to go where they are. This could be as close as a local club, or as far away as Brazil itself.

Go dancing at local Latin dance clubs. If you live in one of the larger cities in America, there is probably a local bar or club that features Latin dancing, like samba and tango. You'll find lots of immigrants from Latin America in these types of clubs. Not all of them will be from Brazil, but you should be able to find some.

Join groups that focus on Brazilian culture. In your town, you may have groups that share an interest in Brazil. For example, you may find a group for Portuguese language exchange or soccer fans. If you can't find a group, start one up yourself.

If you actually travel to Brazil, you'll be able to meet many girls. Head to the clubs that cater to the middle classes for your best chance to meet a nice girl. Be aware, though, that adult prostitution is legal in Brazil, so if a girl is coming on too strong, she may be working.

Look for Brazilian girls online. Some websites specialise in matching up people from Brazil with people from other areas of the world. Create profiles on these sites and pay the fee to contact the girls that seem interesting.


Some girls see marrying a foreigner as a way to a better life outside of Brazil. She may not care as much about you as she does about getting out.

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