Easy Paper Boat Instructions

Updated February 21, 2017

Make a paper boat that will really float. Use this toy boat to entice your child into the tub on those nights when he is reluctant to take a bath. You can also make this shape with a large piece of newspaper and use it as a Robin Hood hat. Any paper will work, but glossy paper will last longer in the water.

Fold a rectangle of paper in half by bringing the short sides together and matching the corners. Press this fold down. Place the paper on the table with the fold at the top.

Fold the top two corners down until they meet in the centre. Fold the bottom edge of the top layer of paper up over the bottom of these triangular flaps. Crease this fold.

Turn the paper over again fold the other bottom edge up the same amount. Crease this fold. You now have a paper hat.

Open the hat up and bring the two outside corners together forming a squarish shape. Press the square flat and lay it on the table with the open side down.

Fold the bottom point of the top layer up to the top point. Turn the paper over and repeat this fold.

Pick the hat up by grasping the points you just folded up one in each hand. Pull these points outward, the sides of the boat will fold up making a boat shape. Press the boat flat.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
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