How to get free ring back answer tones

Written by joanne cichetti | 13/05/2017
How to get free ring back answer tones
Let your callers enjoy fascinating ringback tones until you pick up the call. (call image by Mila Supynska from

Many people do not know what a ring back answer tone is. Ring back tone is a music tone that a caller hears as he waits for the call receiver to answer the phone. It is really fun to select different music tones for your callers to listen to while they wait for the call to connect. Unfortunately, unlike the ordinary ring tones for cell phones, free ring back tones are not very easy to find. In fact, there are very few websites which offer free tones, while all others require subscription.

Open any website that offers free ring back answer tones (see Resources).

Select the tone after listening.

Click on "Send to Phone"/"Enter number."

Select your cell phone operator from the list and enter your phone number.

Click on "Submit." You will then receive the ring back tone on your phone along with guidelines on installing it on your phone.

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