Decorating Your Own Dress With Sequins

Updated February 21, 2017

Sequin dresses have been a loved item for performers for years. The sparkling in the light makes sequin-covered clothing an eye-catching item. While they make a dress look nice, a dress that is already complete with sequins can be expensive or can be designed in ways that don't appeal to every consumer. The solution is to add the sequins to a dress that doesn't yet have sequins.

Draw out a design. For those less artistic, trace a design from pre-made patterns using basic sewing supplies. This should be drawn in chalk, which can be brushed off the fabric easily.

Set sequins on the fabric. There are sequins that come separate and individual or they can be purchased in pre-strung rows. The rows can be easily lined up, but the individual sequins can form patterns that are less linear. Make sure the sequins are complementary.

Sew the sequins on. Sequins are soft and can be sewn on using a needle, thread and hands or by using a sewing machine. The sewing machine can be a challenge if using individual sequins because some might fall off before the machine can sew them on. Make sure the thread matches the material of the dress. When sewing by hand, knot the thread and start from the inside of the dress. Bring the thread through the dress, then through the sequin and back through to the inside of the dress. Continue to sew in this manner until the sequins are spaced far apart. To avoid ruining the dress, tie off the thread and move the needle if the spacing between sequins becomes more than a centimetre.

Add some small beads to add dimension and contrast to the sequins. Too many sequins can look out of balance, but having some beads as well can improve the appearance of the dress.

Sew in small sections to avoid ruining the design. Doing a few sequins at a time will avoid having the sequins fall off and distort the shape of the design.

Things You'll Need

  • Sequins
  • Dress
  • Sewing supplies
  • Chalk
  • Beads
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