How to Get a Degree in Ethology

Written by jamie lisse | 13/05/2017
How to Get a Degree in Ethology
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The ethology degree program focuses on studying the behaviour of animals, including behavioural interactions and behavioural patterns outside and within a species. According to College Toolkit, a degree in ethology is relevant for a career as a biologist, zoologist and wildlife biologist. Both public and private colleges and universities offer degree programs specialising in ethology, although only a small number of schools offer the major. As of June 2010, both bachelor's degrees and master's degrees are available in the major.

Identify schools that offer a degree in ethology using the Campus Explorer and College Board websites (see Resources). As of June 2010, Campus Explorer lists five schools and College Board lists eight. In all cases, the degree is for “Animal Behavior and Ethology.”

Review the degree programs offered at each school to see which ones meet your needs. Some of the schools, such as Southwestern University, only offer a bachelor's degree in ethology. Other schools, such as Bucknell University, offer both a bachelor's and a master's degree program.

Apply to the schools that you are interested in getting your ethology degree from by getting an application from the schools' websites. Application fees vary by college. If you are accepted to more than one school, you can weigh them against each other on things like tuition cost, financial aid opportunities, curriculum requirements for the program and whether school can help you get a job or internship in your field of interest.

Accept admission to one of the schools and follow the curriculum plan to earn your ethology degree.

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