How to Repair Water Damage on a Digital Camera

Updated February 21, 2017

Nothing is worse for digital cameras than liquid, namely water. Once water touches a digital camera you only have a short amount of time to prevent the water from completely destroying the digital camera. Water that is allowed to infiltrate the camera while it is on can cause the digital camera to short circuit. There isn't a thing you can do about this except purchase a new digital camera. However, if the digital camera is turned off in time it is possible to repair the water damage.

Turn off the digital camera as soon as you realise the camera is wet.

Remove the battery and the memory card from the camera. The memory card is typically housed in the same chamber. Open the housing chamber and turn the camera upside down. The battery should fall right out. If not, push the battery down to unlock it, then slide the battery out. Push down on the memory card to unlock it. It should pop up like a click pen. Slide the memory card out of the camera. Close the housing chamber lid.

Bury the camera in a bag of rice and let it sit for a day. The camera should be completely covered. The rice naturally draws out the moisture in the camera. Make sure the housing chamber lid is closed. You do not want rice sticking in the chamber and clogging the memory card slot.

Take the camera out of the rice and open the battery and memory card chamber. Let the camera sit in the sun for another day or two.

Place a fan near the digital camera and turn the fan on to whatever setting you'd like. Let the fan blow air directly into the open part of the camera. This promotes air flow through the camera and speeds up the drying process.

Replace the battery and memory card in the camera after a few days.


Keep the battery and memory card together while the camera is drying. Gently dry them with a towel and place them out in the sun until they are dry.

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