How to Repair a Scratched Laptop Screen

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Laptop computer screens, or liquid crystal displays (LCDs), can develop surface scratches after continued use. The scratches can hinder your view and disrupt any computer related functions. You can repair the scratches using a few basic household items.

Repairing the screen yourself is cheaper than replacing the entire LCD screen.

Blow off any debris from the laptop screen with a can of compressed air. Hold the can at an angle about six to eight inches away from the screen, but do not position it upside down or liquid could spray out. Spray the air directly at the screen.

Pull the cap off the lip balm stick. Turn the end of the stick clockwise so part of the balm sticks up over the top edge. Roll the lip balm over the scratch and extend it about one inch past the scratch on each end. Slowly wipe the lip balm off the screen with a soft cloth. The lip balm fills in the scratch.

Repeat the lip balm application for all scratches on the screen. If a scratch is vertical, roll the lip balm vertically up the scratch, going one inch past the scratch on both ends. Carefully wipe off the lip balm with a soft LCD cloth.

Spray the screen with compressed air to clean it off.

Examine the repaired scratches from different angles. The scratches should be completely filled in. Add more lip balm to the scratches if they are not completely filled in.