How to fix a scratched Plasma TV screen

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Enthusiasts of Plasma flat panel TV screens point to the rich blacks that the technology provides to the images being presented. A scratch on the glass front of the Plasma screen is a distraction that does not have to be endured. You can fix a scratch that is on the Plasma screen so that it is barely visible or eliminated altogether, providing you are willing to work slowly and diligently without applying too much pressure to the screen. The procedure of fixing the scratch can be as fast or slow as you would like, and only requires some cleaning cloths and a few household and car supply ingredients.

Blow any dust and dirt off the Plasma screen with compressed air. Put 236 ml (8 fl oz) of distilled water and 236 ml (8 fl oz) of isopropyl alcohol in the glass bowl. Use the coffee stirrer to mix the two together and discard the coffee stirrer.

Dip the microfibre cloth into the glass bowl and wring it out. Gently wipe the microfibre cloth across the length of the Plasma screen, starting at the top left corner and going to the top right corner. Repeat the wiping with the microfibre cloth until the entire Plasma screen has been wiped. Let the Plasma screen dry.

Blow off the Plasma screen again with the compressed air.

Put on the white glove. Dip a finger into the petroleum jelly. Gently wipe the petroleum jelly onto the scratch on the Plasma screen, then wipe off the petroleum jelly from the screen using a different microfiber cloth.

Dip a clean finger of the cotton glove into the car rubbing compound. Gently wipe the car rubbing compound onto the scratch on the Plasma screen. Polish the area of the scratch using a polishing cloth.

Make a tiny hole in the 20 x 30 cm (8 x 10 inch) piece of paper using the pencil. Hold the paper so that the hole is facing the scratched area of the Plasma screen from about 15 cm (6 inches) away. Spray the clear lacquer spray at the hole on the paper. Take the paper away and let the Plasma screen dry.

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