How to find entertaining adult games for a church picnic

Updated February 21, 2017

Church gatherings are a great way to introduce members of your congregation to each other, and have fun while encouraging families to spend time together. One of the most popular church gatherings in the warmer months of the year is the church picnic. A picnic is entertaining for both children and adults alike, but for it to be truly successful you will need to offer games and entertainment. It is relatively easy to find biblical games for children to play, but with a little creativity you can find engaging activities for adults at a church picnic.

Look for biblical themed board games at party stores. According to the experts at the Any Occasion Free Christian Games website, many popular group games involving words or drawing come in Christian themes. These encourage people to remember bible stories and figures while enjoying themselves.

Consider old picnic favourites, and add a biblical twist. Make bingo cards with bible verses, the Ten Commandments, or names of important biblical figures instead of numbers. Or play a Bible trivia game, with small prizes for the winners.

Change a popular children's game to involve adult subjects. Charades are a wonderful game to encourage interaction, and the difficulty of the subjects being acted out can be increased to make it a challenge for adults. According to the Free Picnic Games website, charades is one of the most popular picnic games. You can make up biblical themes for the game, such as David and Goliath and Jesus turning water into wine.

Ask your congregation members for ideas. The picnic attendees may have the perfect activity for your church picnic that you otherwise would have never thought of. This also works to include church members who otherwise might not volunteer.

Choose activities that involve parents and children working together. A Bible scavenger hunt requires a parent and a child to search out specific items from popular Bible stories together, encouraging cooperation and bonding.


Almost any picnic game that is enjoyable for adults can be changed to include biblical stories or themes. Thinking outside the box of traditional church activities will help you in your search. If your church is non-denominational or doesn't focus on the Bible, choose more traditional and general picnic games.


Do not neglect to plan adequate activities and games for the children attending the picnic. Children need games to keep them occupied more than adults do, and may distract or disrupt the activities of the adults.

Things You'll Need

  • Biblical themed board games
  • Pads of paper
  • Pens
  • Bingo cards
  • Bingo chips
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