How to mount house numbers

Updated April 17, 2017

No matter how easy it looks, mounting your own address numbers to your house is a task so important that it might intimidate you into hiring a professional to do it for you. Your address numbers are not only necessary for people to find your house, but mounting them is also a legal obligation. Getting an overview of exactly what the project entails is all you need to restore your confidence in the project, allowing you to save money and do it yourself.

Select a visible location on your house to hang your address numbers. This is important because your address numbers are very important for people to find your house. The easier your address numbers are to find, the faster you will receive deliveries.

Create a stencil of your address numbers. Arrange your numbers on a piece of paper. The paper size will depend on the size of your address numbers. Fill in the screw holes with a pencil and outline the top, bottom, left and right sides of each number as a point of reference.

Hang your stencil where you are mounting your address numbers. If you are hanging your address numbers on siding, skip to step 4. Make sure the stencil is securely in place and is flat against the house. Drill through the screw holes on your stencil using a drill bit 1/32 of an inch larger than the mounting screws. Remove your stencil and clear all debris from around and inside the holes you've just drilled.

Cut the numbers carefully out of your stencil keeping the whole piece of paper intact, then discard the cut out numbers and hang the stencil. If you are installing your numbers in brick or concrete, skip to step 5. If you are hanging your address numbers on siding, mark reference points with a pencil onto the siding for the top, bottom, left and right of each number and remove your stencil. Apply industrial adhesive to the back of the numbers and stick them on the siding, making sure to match up the reference points drawn onto the siding. Apply duct tape to the numbers for extra support while the glue dries. Let dry, remove the tape, and it's ready.

If you are installing your numbers in brick or concrete, apply industrial adhesive to wall anchors and insert them into the drill holes. Screw the mounting screws into the wall anchors.

Things You'll Need

  • Industrial adhesive
  • Screwdriver
  • Wall anchors
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Duct tape
  • Scissors
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