How to Get Online With a PSP Without Using Wireless Internet

Updated April 17, 2017

The PSP, or PlayStation Portable, has the capability for wireless internet, but you can get online through with a PSP without using wireless internet as well. The PSP is portable unit made by Sony for gaming, watching movies, listening to music and for surfing the internet. It has built in Wi-Fi, but can also connect to the internet via a USB-to-Ethernet adaptor. Setting up your PSP to your home network is a straightforward process.

Gather information about your network's access point. You should have a subscription to a service provider, a modem, a WLAN access point and the network key if it's required to access the internet.

Pinpoint the kind of connection you'll need by looking at the back of your modem or router. Most have an Ethernet connection. You'll need a router if you want to stay connected to the internet through your computer while connecting through the PSP as well.

Purchase or locate an Ethernet to mini-USB cable. This will connect from your modem or router to the mini-USB port on your PSP. Ethernet to mini-USB cables can be found at Radio Shack or online at Amazon.

Connect the Ethernet end of the cable to the Ethernet cord plugged into your modem or router. Plug the mini-USB end to port in the PSP.

Turn on the PSP. From the "Home Menu" select "Settings" and then "Network Settings." Press the "X" button to select each. Select "Infrastructure Mode" and then "New Connection." Press "Scan" and then the right arrow on the directional pad.

Choose the access point from the list of options. Press the right arrow on the directional pad to confirm the SSID. Type in the encryption key for internet access, if it's required, and press the right arrow on the directional pad again.

Choose "Custom" or "Easy" for the settings. "Easy" will automatically choose your security settings. Follow the instructions on the PSP to complete the set-up.

Open the browser on the PSP and make sure the internet is working. If it's not, try resetting the PSP and your modem. Enter the network key if prompted.


You can access the internet via wireless hot spots as well. Use a router for multiple internet connections.

Things You'll Need

  • Mini-USB to Ethernet cable
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