How to Restore Furniture With Polish

Dryness, sunlight, and fluctuating temperatures can cause wood to appear dull. Polishing wood surfaces removes dirt, dust, smudges, and allergens in the wood, restoring its natural shine. Polish also prevents the wood from drying out and cracking, which eventually will ruin it. If furniture polish is not enough, an abrasion technique may be the answer. Rubbing paraffin oil and an abrasive into the grain of the wood can restore a piece of wood furniture that is soiled, slightly scratched and worn. Applying lemon oil to wood furniture will restore the finish and add shine.

This abrasion method from the Utah State University Cooperative Extension allows you to wear away damage that is on the furniture's finish. Place a pumice stone in a small can. Pour paraffin oil into another small can.

Dip a super fine steel wool pad into the paraffin oil. Rub the steel wool pad over the pumice stone.

Rub the wool pad back and forth over the wood, working with the grain of the wood. Work in small sections to thoroughly polish the wood.

Wipe the wood surface with a soft cloth, once the defects have been removed. Apply lemon oil to another soft cloth.

Rub the cloth over the wood to allow the lemon oil to absorb into the wood. Continue polishing the wood with the cloth until the wood shines.


New motor oil can be used instead of paraffin oil.

Things You'll Need

  • Pumice stone
  • 2 small cans
  • Paraffin oil
  • Super fine steel wool pad
  • 2 soft cloths
  • Lemon oil
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