How to Sell Old Furniture

Updated February 21, 2017

Your changing tastes in furniture styles could mean you no longer have space for your old furniture. Fortunately, there are several options from which to choose to sell used furniture. These range from holding a yard sale to selling online. When advertising your furniture for sale, be as descriptive as possible so buyers are well-informed.

Prepare the furniture you wish to sell. Examine the items for broken parts, missing pieces, stains and other faults that may reduce their value or usefulness. Clean the items, repair what you are able to and reattach missing pieces, if possible.

Take pictures of the furniture items from pertinent angles. If you are selling a sofa, for instance, you may wish to take pictures of the front, back and sides, as well as one close-up shot of the design on the fabric, if any. Take pictures of any faults on the items also so that the customer can use them to make an informed decision about purchasing it.

Advertise your items online on classifieds websites. Social networking sites also have classifieds sections that you can use. Your ad should provide pertinent information such as the price of the items, colour, dimensions, your contact information and acceptable methods of payment. It is also important to let interested parties know whether you can deliver or mail the items or whether they must pick them up. Include pictures where possible.

Advertise your items locally. Prepare flyers with a description of the pieces and some pictures and post them around the neighbourhood. You can also inform potentially interested parties verbally or place an advertisement in local papers and magazines.

Consider a yard sale. Yard sales are a fast way of getting rid of unwanted items and making some money.

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