How to Repair a Chip in a Laminate Countertop

Updated April 17, 2017

Laminate is an inexpensive and durable solution for kitchen countertops. It is available in a wide variety of colours and patterns. Laminate is a synthetic material comprised of several layers of plastic and paper sealed with melamine. Laminate countertops are durable, but if you accidentally drop a pan on the counter, a chip may occur in the material. Fortunately, it is easy to repair a small chip at home.

Use a putty knife to press the repair paste into the chip. Make sure the paste fills the chip.

Smooth the paste with the edge of the putty knife.

Let the paste dry.


When purchasing a laminate repair kit, you will need to match the colour of the repair paste to your countertop colour. You may need to mix a few pastes to get the right colour.


Large chips should be repaired by a counter repair professional.

Things You'll Need

  • Laminate repair kit
  • Putty knife
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