How to mount posters without wrinkles

Updated July 19, 2017

Mounting a poster is a good way to preserve it and also to protect the wall. Tape, poster glue and tack are, no doubt, the quicker and easier option, but they often leave unsightly marks on the wall, and can spoil the poster too. Moreover, they don't lend a neat and crisp appearance to a room. Another concern with pasting posters this way is wrinkles. Mounting a poster on a foam board solves all these problems.

Spread the newspapers on a flat even surface, such as an uncarpeted floor or large table.

Place the poster face down on the newspapers. Place paper weights at the corners to ensure the poster does not roll.

Place the foam board face up beside the poster. Ensure the foam board is at least 1-inch larger than the poster on all sides.

Put on your face mask and gloves. Spray the adhesive spray onto the back of the poster. Ensure you have sprayed the entire surface uniformly. Be careful not to spray outside the newspapers.

Remove the paper weights and carefully lift the poster holding the two diagonally opposite corners. Try to hold the poster as close to the edge as possible without allowing it to slip away.

Turn the poster and place it face up on the foam board. Ensure the poster is placed entirely on the board and that no part of it extends beyond the board.

Smooth the poster onto the board using a wallpaper squeegee. Start at the centre of the poster at the top and move toward the left edge, working your way down the poster. Repeat this action from the centre to the right edge of the poster, down its length. This removes any bubbles or wrinkles in the poster.

Cut away the extra foam board using a sharp utility knife. Slice the foam board all the way through and as close to the edge of the poster as possible. This ensures a clean cut. Your poster is now mounted.


If you do not have a wallpaper squeegee, place your hands palms down at the centre of the poster, and move toward the edge in firm strokes, to even out wrinkles and remove bubbles. Practice using the utility knife on some extra foam board before you use it on the mounted poster. Make sure that the knife is sharp because a blunt knife will not cut the foam board. Ventilate the room where you are working. If you can, work outdoors. This reduces the risk of inhaling the adhesive spray.


A utility knife is sharp; be careful when you use it. Hold the adhesive spray away from you and be certain that its nozzle is not pointing toward you before you press the release.

Things You'll Need

  • Newspapers
  • Paper weights
  • Foam board, 1/2-inch to 3/4-inch thick
  • Adhesive spray
  • Face mask
  • Rubber gloves
  • Utility knife
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