How to Calculate Age From Date of Birth in Excel

Updated February 21, 2017

Microsoft Excel spreadsheets can help you organise data and perform calculations on that data. For example, you can use Excel to keep track of employees' or students' dates of birth. Excel has dozens of built in functions (automated features) that can help you make light work of tedious calculations. Use the Excel "TODAY" function to enter today's date (it will automatically update each day) and you'll never miss a birthday.

Write the date of birth in cell A1. For example, write 2/9/1967.

Type the TODAY function in cell B1. The TODAY function is: \=TODAY() This will always return the current date.

Type the following into cell C3: \=(A1+B1)/365. The person's age will appear once you hit "Enter."


You can enter multiple dates of births in column "A." Once you have entered as many dates of birth as you need, grab the fill handle of cell B1 (the fill handle looks like a little black square in the bottom right corner) and drag it down until it's equal with the last entry in column A. Repeat for the fill handle in cell C1. Excel will automatically calculate the values for each date of birth in column A.

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