How to View My School Grades

Updated April 17, 2017

School grades measure how well you understand a particular class or subject. While many kids may wince at seeing their grades, doing so is necessary to discover where you are doing well and which areas you need to improve in. Grades are especially important if you are interested in attending graduate or professional school. Admissions officers at these schools often take grades into account when considering potential applicants. You can check your grades through your report card, transcript or school grading website

Check your report card, typically administered at the end of each semester. Report cards show your grades in each subject, added up to formulate your overall grade point average for the semester. Often, teachers will leave comments on your class performances on the card. Teachers generally hand out report cards to students in class, requiring a signature by a parent. They may also hand out cards at parent-teacher conferences or mail them home.

Ask for a copy of your transcript at your college adviser's office. Your transcript shows your grades for the current and previous semesters. Colleges often use your transcript as criteria when considering accepting you to campus.

Check your school's online grading system. These websites feature your grades, homework and test results. Often they only give login information to your parents, so you may have to ask them to access the site so you can see your grades.

Things You'll Need

  • Report card
  • Transcript
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