How to Use USB to USB to Connect a Laptop to a TV

Updated February 21, 2017

Many newer televisions are equipped with a USB port that was only intended for a self-loading device such as a flash drive to be connected. This was created to view pictures, videos and compatible documents on the larger screen. Until recently it was not possible to use this USB port to connect your computer to use the television as a large monitor. The connection is now easy to create and soon you will be using USB to surf the Web on the big screen.

Move your computer or laptop close enough to the television so the S-video adaptor can reach the television when connected. Ensure you have a power supply close enough to keep the battery charged if using a laptop.

Connect the adaptor to the S-video output on the computer. Run the opposite end of the adaptor behind the computer.

Move the television to allow access to the USB input port. Generally rotating the television 45 degrees allows plenty of room to make connections.

Connect the male USB plug on the adaptor to the USB input port on the television. Ensure the plug is seated firmly.

Rotate or move the television back to a viewing position. Stow away any remaining wire from the adaptor to avoid a tripping or accidental removal of plugs. The connections are now complete and your computer should be communicating with the television's USB input circuitry.


Ensure your computer's S-video drivers are up to date and working before making the aforementioned connections. Run the adaptor behind the computer, entertainment centre and television to avoid the wire being in the way.


Do not attempt to splice wires or connectors together. This process will only work with an adaptor made specifically for this purpose. Voltage issues may occur that can seriously damage your television, computer or both.

Things You'll Need

  • Television with USB input
  • Computer with S-video output
  • S-video to USB adaptor
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