How to prepare sample contracts for a cleaning service

Updated April 17, 2017

Developing a contract for your cleaning service is a wise way to protect your business and your clients. A cleaning contract puts you and your client's expectations in writing and can be called upon to clarify or resolve disputes. Sample contracts for cleaning services vary depending on the type of cleaning service offered but each contract should include a basic structure of agreements and terms.

Write your company name and contact information on the contract. You should also leave a space to write your client's name, address and phone number.

List your insurance information. Your insurance information supports you in the services you offer and should be made known to your clients. For example, if your insurance covers carpet cleaning, be sure to mention it in your contract; If your insurance does not cover replacing damaged floors, be sure to mention it.

Include supplies and equipment. Clarify whether you or the client is responsible for supplying cleaning products including hand soaps, garbage bags and the like. Include an itemised list of supplies that you will provide, including their prices.

Write your monthly fees. Clearly write what your monthly fees are and when your client can expect to receive an invoice from you. Also include your billing cycle, when payments are due, and whether you charge bad-check or late fees for payments past due. If you do charge bad-check or late fees, include the dollar amount for each.

Determine a contract expiration date and breach of contract terms. Every contract has an end date, so be sure to include one in yours. Also, write what the terms are if you or the client breaks the contract early. State specific reasons that are acceptable in voiding a contract, if any.

Specify cleaning procedures. Some clients may want specific details about what cleaning supplies will be used on various surfaces. For example, someone with hardwood floors may only want you to clean them with vinegar water. Other clients may expect a commercial cleaning product to be used. If this applies to you, describe what products will be used to clean each type of surface you expect to clean.

Include a signature and dateline for your clients and yourself at the end of the document.


Use the phrase "Agreement and Terms" instead of "contract" because the latter tends to scare people. Use easy to understand language.

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